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InverBosques boosts connectivity in La Esmeralda Inspection

InverBosques recently donated and installed a Starlink internet antenna in La Esmeralda, municipality of Puerto Carreño, Vichada, as part of the communal project “Mi Comunidad Conectada: Redefining the Digital Future of Our Community”. This initiative aims to address the current connectivity barriers in La Esmeralda and to provide continuous and high quality access to the internet.

The Starlink antenna, recognized for its wide range and its capacity to provide high speed internet in remote areas, was installed in the main park of La Esmeralda, with the aim of generating connectivity between the community and the rest of the world. The deployment of this antenna marks a significant step forward as the residents of La Esmeralda can now communicate with relatives and friends, reducing their isolation and enhancing their quality of life. Connectivity will also facilitate communication with municipal and regional authorities and community activities.

Economic boost and technological training

Another key objective of this initiative is to stimulate the local economy. Connectivity and the use of Information and Communication Technologies – ICTs are extremely powerful tools for promoting the economic development of La Esmeralda.

Territorial community innovation is also fundamental; the project seeks to encourage the use of technology as a method for social transformation, training the inhabitants in the use of ICTs to generate their own digital products and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by connectivity.

Community involvement and social responsibility

This project is the result of a community leadership that allows local needs and priorities to be the central focus, ensuring that it responds to the expectations and realities of the inhabitants of La Esmeralda. Initiatives included the embellishment of the main park to encourage recreational activities and the maintenance of the electrical networks, while optimizing the space for the installation of the antenna.

“Mi Comunidad Conectada: Redefining the Digital Future of Our Community” is an important step towards the modernization of La Esmeralda. InverBosques is honored to facilitate connectivity for the economic and social growth of the community, reaffirming our compromise with sustainable development and the wellbeing of its inhabitants.