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InverBosques: Research, Development and Technology

At InverBosques, innovation is fundamental for the development and progress of the project. The implementation of new alternatives and strategies has allowed us to increase and improve the performance of our plantations.

Some of these initiatives are oriented to soil improvement, genetic enhancement, strengthening of nutritional schemes and technological development.

Soil improvement

The implementation of our diverse forestry practices, adequate fertilization and constant monitoring of the plantations, allow us to guarantee their optimal growth, high adaptability and resistance.

Biological processes in the soils are demonstrating improvement in their porosity and nutrient enrichment, as evidence of the recovery of historically degraded savannas.

Genetic Improvement

With the Plant Breeding project, we aim to increase and improve plantation yields by selecting trees that meet superior characteristics such as growth, straightness and volume.

Currently, we have been developing highly efficient clones that are adapted to the different types of soil in the region. These clones show efficient growth and development in accelerated carbon dioxide (CO₂) sequestration.


Forest nutrition

We evaluate constantly the response of the plantations to different sources and doses of fertilizers. Our plantations are established under a balanced plant nutrition scheme that we have been enhancing with the knowledge curve over the years.

We have established unique nutritional schemes for the region, ensuring that each species receives the required nutrients for optimal growth and maintenance.

Technological development

In search of cutting-edge technological solutions for our forestry management, we are working closely with Opus Insight and Nature Metris.

The first provides transparent and verifiable evidence of our plantations, and the second supports us in the measurement of the environmental impact of our project on the biodiversity of the region, through water and soil samples.