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Research, Development and Technology: Soil improvement

The strategic planning of a forestry project is critical for the optimal development of plantations. Our planted forests are physically and biologically improving soils, and are also contributing to the recovery and restoration of historically degraded savannahs.


Sustainable forestry management techniques

InverBosques’ Sustainable Forest Management Plan guarantees the responsible use of resources during the implementation and maintenance of plantations.

We integrally prepare the land to oxygenate the soil and ensure ideal conditions for the plantation. With the help of our expert advisors in forest nutrition, genetics as well as research and development, we apply appropriate fertilization for the specific conditions of the region.


Optimized nutrition scheme

The learning curve has allowed us to refine the nutrition scheme. We adjusted fertilizer composition, dosage, timing and frequency of application to maximize plantation development, and carried out ongoing field studies to further enhance our scheme.


Constant monitoring of our plantations

We monitor the plantations to take preventive actions in time. By means of observation tours to analyze nutrition levels and detect pests, diseases or any other anomaly. In addition, we take measurements to evaluate the growth of the trees.


Recovery of degraded savannas

Recent soil DNA studies have shown that our planted forests are recovering and improving degraded savannah soils. These soils now exhibit an increased presence of beneficial fungi and bacteria, evidencing the effectiveness of our restoration practices.


Preliminary results of the soil DNA study can be found here.