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A commitment with quality and optimization in every process

At InverBosques, our commitment to quality and optimization of each process is a key priority. That is why we have been conducting a permanent partnership with the Federal University of Viçosa, located in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. This collaboration allows us to incorporate knowledge and implement enhancements in our daily work.

Permanent consultancy with the Federal University of Viçosa

As part of this consultancy, we recently received a visit from Engineer André Peixoto, a forestry expert from Brazil. During his visit, he analyzed our operations closely, providing us with detailed feedback and valuable professional guidance based on his experience.

Mr. Peixoto highlighted several aspects of InverBosques. First, he emphasized that we have a solid structure and capacity to operate on a large scale, as well as high production standards. The seedlings we generate reflect our constant commitment to improvement and innovation. He also mentioned the outstanding relationship among the staff, which contributes to a harmonious and highly productive work environment.

From the nutritional solutions and the Mini Clonal Garden to the rooting houses and growth and rustification yards, every aspect of our operations is designed to ensure the highest quality.

At InverBosques, we keep moving firmly towards excellence, strengthening our team through collaboration with the international academic sector and the collective efforts of a highly committed team.