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InverBosques and La Esmeralda facing the challenge of Africanized bees

The recent experience in the community of La Esmeralda exemplifies how collaboration between Good Neighbors allows significant challenges to be met and extraordinary results to be achieved. The discovery of two swarms of Africanized bees, housed in dangerous locations such as power boxes 8 meters above the ground, constituted a significant risk to both residents and students at the La Esmeralda residential school.

From the very beginning, the location of the swarms represented a considerable challenge. One was in the heart of the main park of the La Esmeralda inspection, while the other was located very close to the entrance of the educational institution.

A team effort

Collaboration between InverBosques and the community was essential to address the problem in a comprehensive manner. Each member of InverBosques and the community contributed their specific skills and knowledge, which allowed for meticulous planning and execution of the swarm capture and relocation process. During the three-day work sessions, the residents of La Esmeralda were actively involved, promoting a sense of ownership and shared responsibility.

The capture process was not straightforward. Every step, from assembling the scaffolding to the actual capture, to monitoring the situation and waiting patiently for the bees to calm down enough to proceed with the relocation, was critical. The relocation of these swarms not only protected residents and students from potential injury, but also preserved the vitality and importance of bees in our ecosystem.

Thanks to the team work, the bee swarms were managed efficiently and safely. This experience reinforces InverBosques’ ongoing commitment to conservation and the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

At InverBosques, we are proud to set an example for communities to follow, demonstrating that together we can achieve great things for the well-being of one another.

May 22, 2024