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InverBosques Empowers La Esmeralda: A Training and Awareness Initiative

Over the course of 2024, InverBosques has taken a significant step towards empowering the La Esmeralda inspection community with its Socio-Labor Skills Training School. These monthly encounters serve as a guide for those who seek to prosper in their work and social life.

InverBosques‘ commitment to community development is ongoing. In February, prior to the launch of the workshops, a home visit was made to each household, where the vision of the initiative was shared. The response was overwhelming: the community not only engaged enthusiastically, but also expressed their gratitude for the opportunity.

Since then, monthly workshops have addressed a variety of relevant topics. From business ethics to soft skills, including transparency and anti-corruption.

In April, the focus was on one of the most pernicious maladies that plague our society: corruption. With courage and determination, topics such as fraud, bribery and the cultural normalization of these practices were explored. But the day was not limited to internal learning; it extended to a civic campaign that sought to generate a tangible impact throughout the community.

Awareness campaign

On May 14, twelve people, accompanied by children, came together to create posters that convey powerful messages about corruption, adapted to the socio-cultural reality of the region. With creative and technical guidance from the InverBosques team, these posters became visually impactful awareness-raising tools.

The response from the community was gratifying. The posters, once completed along the main street, were strategically placed in easy-to-see locations: on the front of the boarding school, at the entrance and exit of the inspection, at a local store, and in front of the children’s playground. Each served as a constant reminder of the importance of fighting corruption and upholding the values of transparency and honesty.

InverBosques’ Socio-Labor Skills Training School is not just a sequence of workshops; it is a testament to the transformative power of education and community action. As we move forward together, empowering minds and forging stronger bonds, we are building a sustainable future for all of us.