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The vital role of Planted Forests in the battle against pollution

The pollution crisis that Colombia and the world is confronting represents an urgent wake-up call for all of us. Cities are shrouded in a toxic haze, and the harmful effects of air pollution are becoming more and more noticeable on the public’s health and on the vulnerability of our population and the environment.

Our dedication to sustainability is clear:

At InverBosques, our mission goes beyond planting trees. From the Vichada region, we are engaged in the environmental conservation and the improvement of air quality in Colombia and around the world. Our project is building a green and sustainable footprint, showing our contribution to a cleaner and healthier future for humanity.

Our planted forests are the spine of our environmental commitment. With a total of:

  • 45,000 Hectáreas of conserved gallery forests and other conservation area
  • 30,000 Hectares of planted forests
  • 36 million trees planted to date

Our plantations not only represent a source of renewable and sustainable resources, but also serve as true stewards of the air we breathe. Each tree we grow absorbs CO2 and emits oxygen, therefore contributing to the purification of the air.

We proudly emphasize our two key certifications that endorse our commitment to sustainable forest management: Gold Standard and FSC. These certifications ensure that our standards meet the highest levels of excellence in the industry.

To date, we have:

  • Issued and sold 835,818 carbon credits
  • We are now issuing 730,000 carbon credits in March.

We implement sustainable techniques that protect our forests, promote biodiversity and preserve water resources. We are also committed to local economic development, generating employment and strengthening the communities surrounding our plantations.

Every tree planted is a step toward a greener, healthier future for all of us. At InverBosques we are proud to be part of the solution to air contamination. Our planted forests are tangible proof that it is perfectly possible to balance economic development with environmental sustainability.